Living simply in a yurt

It's been two years since my husband, daughter, I and took the plunge into yurt life. And what a precious one it's been. British Columbia is one of the most stunning places in the world. In the summer the majestic rocky mountain peaks are visible for miles and the crystal clear lakes make you feel like you are floating between the heavens and the depths of the earth.

In the winter, the snow is light and fluffy and it is so much fun to play in with my daughter Rose. 

On dark winter days it can get quite cold when the sun rays don’t touch the snow. It is when the clouds come that we all go in the spacious yurt and snuggle by the fire. 

I grew up in the countryside and after a glimpse of city life I longed to go back. My husband shared a similar belief and we wanted our daughter to live a beautiful life, full of love and wonder. We were able to make the move with very little. Yurts are not hard to build and they do really well when the frost comes.

And what a way to live. From listening to the soft snow falling outside to taking walks under the full moon. From long dark nights with a cup of tea to active sunny days hiking among the pines.

Such a gift to live with my loved ones by my side in a place of untouched beauty. 

By: Taila Dikinson , 2 years ago

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