Build a world of abundance, together

Whether it's caring for the land, making art, or helping others,

AltWork is a place

to share experience and resources

to transform a desire for change

into concrete action.

AltWork is a restorative work movement.
It embraces the variety that is humanity
and allows every being to pursue their unique purpose.

It supports efforts that align with natural cycles
and promotes education that encourages creativity.

It cultivates wisdom through experience
to live a life of balance, beauty, and peace.

AltWork, as a platform, is a structure
to make meaningful work possible.

This can be your Upwork profile, Behance portfolio, or a personal website.

How it Works

Make a commitment

Set your vision . Make a deposit towards it in a form of the site’s currency-coffee beans.

Track it

Create milestones, add tasks, and see your progress.

Cooperate, not Compete

Transform your goal into a journey.
Engage with the community and receive support.
Gather information and coffee beans to get you to the next step.

Learn, Share and Grow

Share your failures and successes and get rewarded for your unique and useful contributions to the alternative work movement.

Bring your vision to life

Cash out coffee beans for your currency